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Well here it is, explaining (or perhaps justifying) what I do at The Nail Zoo to make a crust, for those who are curious, or those who just don't understand (the latter is usually the case), unless you are a nail tech that knows me.

Hopefully, if you read this carefully all the pretty pictures will have loaded up (there are quite a few).

For all you treasured clients (past, present and future), also fellow nailtechs, please excuse me (you already know where I am coming from and what I'm like). I shoot from the hip and call a spade a spade.

I have found my niche in life, a career, a love, a passion (one I can make a comfortable living out of) and I happen to be very good at it, proven time and time again in State and National Chapionships, almost to the point of boredom.

I still love what I do and am only too willing to help "up and coming" naitechs with my "no garbage" advice.



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