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From "PEOPLE" Magazine

The Nail Industry in Australia first started multi- category fingernail competitions in February 1988, in which I won the title of
"Australia's Most Creative Nail Technician"
(some of this work is pictured on this and other pages).

Later in that year I won all 5 categories in the Queensland fingernail competitions.

Since 1988 up until my retirement from competitions in 1996,

.....in 1996 was the advent of Super white, "SUPER FAKE" looking nails , which I personally think look fake (but can admire the skill required), also, the Australian Professional Fingernail Association removed "natural coloration from the score sheet" (still doesn't make sense to me), therefore competitions were no longer looking for "Natural Looking Nails".

Pre- Black & White




I figure, when someone can show me a natural nail that looks like one of those fake looking white things, then i'll call it natural looking........ until then "THEY LOOK FAKE"




I have over 30 various awards in various categories , of which most are first places.

I am now paid to demonstrate my original techniques at trade shows nationwide, with visiting World Champions in awe of my speed and artistic ability.

my students win also


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