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My salon "The Nail Zoo" would easily have the best reputation in Australia, with a keen staff of dedicated technicians and competitors.

A steady client base of Celebrities, drag queens, hookers and housewives alike.

I regularly update my skills with various products available, then make an educated choice as to what I should use according to my clients needs.

When you become a client of The Nail Zoo, you will leave with a set of nails to behold.

Everyone is treated as an equal at The Nail Zoo (as they all pay the same price, including celebrities) and enjoy the laid-back loungeroom like feel, with everyone being on the same level and having an environment in which to communicate comfortably with people from different backgrounds.


The salon has a worldwide reputation for it's casual professionalism, workmanship and friendly atmosphere.

Many clients booking appointments from overseas salons and agencies in advance of their arrival in Sydney.


Imagine having your nails done while sitting next to Diana Ross, Kylie, Paris, Bette, Danni, Anastacia or Cher?

Most celebrities don't want the whole world to know they have acrylic nails..... (but then again, some don't mind).

I prefer to do work where you can't tell if the nails are real or not (keep that in mind).

Who are these girls?

As to the celebrities that have my work on their hands ..........

If they look fake I probably don't do them, but if they look fabulous ...... perhaps I do.

(Sorry I am often sworn to secrecy).

Madonna thinks I'm a naughty boy

Parker Posey
AKA Kitty Kowalski - Superman Returns

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